Stage Drama crossed all limits of ethics

Stage Drama of present showbiz industry has crossed all limits of ethics. Things shown in the media are not able to watch in a noble family. Parents cannot watch TV programs sitting together. The authorities in Pakistan are strongly quiet on all such things. However, society has responded very strictly.

Some people in the Pakistani society have demanded to stop the unethical things in Stage Drama. The showbiz industry needs to be monitored for the sake of Pakistani culture. The drama industry has stared following the Indian culture which is not feasible for Muslims always. Muslims are not having such things in the society. For other nations these things are very common.

However, the Pakistani society belongs to a culture which promotes Islamic values. Stage Drama of the past was having these things. However, at present the showbiz industry have lost it values. Every house in the society has become infected because of such things. Name of Pakistan is also getting bad in other countries. There was time when Pakistan was famous all over the world for its dramas.

The present day showbiz industry is known for its unethical programs everywhere. The society has spoken but alone they cannot rectify these things. Pakistani drams must represent the Pakistani culture but not the Indian and western. This will give a wrong message to the other world about Pakistan as well.

For the sake of name of Pakistan everywhere, someone will have to stand against the unethical things in showbiz industry. Stage Drama represents the name of Pakistan everywhere and must be showing good things.

Iftikhar Thakur and Priya Khan

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