Pakistan Dramas becomes unethical for society

Stage Drama on private channels has become very unethical for the civilized society. The showbiz industry has started showing everything which is not feasible to watch for children. Families cannot watch such programs sitting together.

PEMRA, the media regulatory authority in Pakistan has totally closed it eyes over every unethical thing the showbiz industry. The Stage Drama is watched by families, children and females at homes. Showing such culture can become very dangerous for the fresh and undeveloped minds of children. Family life of women at homes also gets infected because of such things.

Young students of colleges and universities are often seen following the trends of Stage Drama in daily life. Instead of giving proper attention to the studies, students are seen involved in other things. Watching the western culture in showbiz industry, children have also started to become fond of western culture and values.

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Western culture has started to influence in Pakistani society because of showbiz industry. There was a time when Stage Drama was famous all over the world for unique culture. However, following the western and Indian culture, present media has lost its worth. Now drams are watched everywhere but are not popular as they were in past.

Objectives of earning large profits in showbiz industry have achieved easily but it has lost it worth. The Drama industry has become medium of spreading unethical values in society. A lot of urgent rectifications are needed to save the purity of culture. Authorities must open their eyes and take serious notice on unethical things in Stage Drama.

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