News Channel Shows alarming situation in Pakistani society

A popular news channel has shown an alarming news report on unethical activities in hotels and private clinics. The name of medical profession has used in the unethical manner by the Pakistani society which has become shame for country. It was an alarming condition for the elders and responsible authorities in the society.

The news channel has shown something drastic for the Pakistani society and future of young generation in paki9stan. The services provided by the private clinics in shade of medical treatment have led the young generation towards darkness. Young generation has been destroyed with these things in the society. Someone will have to take responsibility of such things.

These days, every news channel in Pakistani has been busy in making money. None has interest in showing the problems of Pakistani society. On the other hand, if any channel takes responsibility, powerful people in the society has seen becoming against it. In such conditions, any media channel cannot take risk of getting involved in problems. The initiative by the news reporter was very brave also.

The News Channel reporter must be appreciated by entire Pakistani society for taking such a brave step. He must be provided protection and help by people in the society to do some more investigative reporting in the future. There are several problems in the society which are needed to be addressed urgently.

The News anchor has done a remarkable effort in highlighting an important issue in the Pakistani society. It was a hidden event continued since several years and no one was taking actions. Every news channel in Pakistan must do the similar type of aggressive reporting instead of showing foreign programs.

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