News channel caught Clinics in Unethical activities

Youngsters have caught in unethical activities at private Clinic rooms by a news channel. The anchor on the channel has shown young boys and girls using private Clinic rooms for shameful activities. The Clinic owners are giving services to the youth of Pakistani society and no one has problem on that.

The news channel anchor has actually given information about an alarming situation of young generation. Youth in Pakistani society has involved in several such things which needs urgent attention of elders. However, elders and responsible people in the society are found very much care less about these things.

No one in the Pakistani society has any problem with the darkness young generation has started going towards. Watching the news channel report, one can easily notice that private hotels and private clinics in the society are involved only in making money. They have no interest in the future of country and new generation

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It was not the problem of the news channel to show the report on TV to get ratings only. No other Channel in the industry has taken such initiative before. Pakistani society has been heading towards a dark future rapidly and everyone has no interest in correcting it. For everyone in society, making money is the only choice.

The entire Pakistani society needs an urgent revival. Measures that takes the young generation toward something positive. Pakistani youth needs guidance to go on the right path. The news channel has done its duty in the society now the burden of correction remains on elders.

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