Man pushing Women under train becomes victim himself

A man in a western country becomes victim of a train incident while trying to push innocent women on the railway track. He got the instant reward for thinking bad for someone else. No one in this world get spared by the justice of Allah.

Train comes every minute on the stations in the crowded cities. People become very careless while crossing railway track in cities. These acts result into very tragic incidents on the tracks and take many innocent lives. Such incidents are seen more often in cities than in rural parts of the country.

Every year a large number of people also suffer near the railway stations while using phones carelessly. Not only while standing near the train, people become very careless in their driving as well. People do not realize the importance of life and hurt themselves for nothing. Due to their carelessness, they become problem for the railway administration and the drivers as well.

Many governments restricted use of phones near the railway track. Because of increasing numbers of train incidents, the governments also advised travelers to switch off the phones before entering the platform area. Now with the time people are getting aware if dangers on the railway platform while using their phone.

Life taking incidents near the railway track can be reduced considerably with a little care by the people. It is not the responsibility of the government only to care for the life of people. People also have to show responsibility and care while travelling safely on the train.

Students Taking A Selfie On Train Tracks

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