IDF Women Soldiers Selection Process

A young brave girl insulted and treated an Indian Army officer in the middle of a crowded market in a very angry mood. The female was in a very bad mood after she was mistreated and molested by the military officer. The girl had escaped from his custody and taught him a lesson for his life to come. The footage of the incident was shared with a news channel by someone present there who recorded everything using his mobile phone camera.

The brave girl later appeared before the military police with her complain against the Indian Army officer. The complaint was filed and a high level investigating commission was formed to investigate the matter. According to the news, if the military man found guilty of misbehaving with the female victim, he rank and other military benefits will be stripped off from him. He will be sent home after punishment according to the law.

In India, the crimes of similar nature against females are reported quiet often in media. Indian Army officer also committed the crime when he got his chance against that brave girl. The females become victims because the military officers get mentally frustrated because of their tough environment and long duties away from their families.

People of the civil society have shown their huge concerns after the news broke out in the media of Indian Army officer trying to molest the female. People demanded strict actions against such crimes in military to stop any more incidents in the future. They also held a large demonstration against the incident with the young brave girl.

The young brave girl also had shown a great amount of bravery when she had stuck in trouble. Instead of getting scared in trouble she struggled and escaped from the custody of the Indian army officer.

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