Cancer patient baby gets Treatment by mother

Cancer patient treats ruthlessly by her mother as she never allows him to come close to her other children. According to reports, she has about 4 children but one of them is announced as cancer patient. She also has indulged herself to check him in special cancer hospital but she treats him awkwardly.

According to reports, she really treats her cancer diseased son horribly as people also have asked him to be malign many times. Anyhow, she never treats him politely but also called him cancer diseased son. On the other hand, she also takes care of him a lot and also have made all cancer tests due to which she can get information about the type of cancer.

It is quite unique as at one hand, she treats him badly due to his cancer disease and on the other hand, she also has involved herself in his cancer disease. She even has put leash in his very little and cute cancer disease son. She even has separated her cancer diseased son by separating his personal utensils.

on the other hand, doctors in cancer hospital they never asked him to behave her son like this way. According to doctors of cancer hospital who are fully involved, they said she should never behave with her son in this way.

They further told as she should treat her son who is cancer patient as her other normal children. According to them, he would never feel any complex and would also have confidence in himself. However, that cancer patient is too old to understand all these behaviors fortunately.

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